About True Body Intelligence

At True Body Intelligence®, we empower individuals, communities, and organizations by providing education, tools, and experiences to decrease the complex stressors that bring struggle and strife as well as prevent them from reaching elevated states of well being.

We envision a world in which we, as humans, consistently access the highest levels of physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and spiritual intelligence for the greater benefit of humanity, the global community, and mother earth.

True Body Intelligence is the synergy that advances beyond the marriage of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western scientific principles to incorporate the ancient traditions and philosophies of Africa, India, Europe, and North and South America through interactive systems to form an exclusive, complete experience.

True Body Intelligence is comprised of five systems that have their foundations rooted in five separate continents, Icentric Strength (North America), Body of Light (Northern Europe), Bio-Energetic Self Transformational Sequences (India), Ma Xing (Asia), and Sha King (Africa and South America).

We co-create transformative experiences in five areas, addressing the individual as a
whole, always with the goal of an improved balanced life experience.


Clear, well-defined boundaries. The creation of a conscious community. A forgiving heart that restores balance. The unconditional love you deserve.


Will you allow the underdeveloped aspect of your intelligence
to keep your inherent genius from flourishing?

Are you aware that STRESS impedes the natural growth process and limits access to higher forms of intelligence?

Are you aware that STRESS – physical, mental, emotional, environmental, or spiritual – is stored in the body until it is removed?

Are you aware of the full impact that the STRESS and STRUGGLE in your daily life are having on your potential?

The most important question to ask yourself is…
“Do I want to continue to devolve -or- Would I rather evolve?”

Christopher Maher - True Body Intelligence

Christopher Lee Maher

Founder, True Body Intelligence®

At the age of 22, Christopher Lee Maher was a Navy SEAL, in his prime with a sleek 1.8% body fat and pound for pound, he was one of the fittest people on the planet.

He was also completely unaware of the full impact that stress would eventually have on his physical, mental, energetic, and emotional wellbeing.

He trained all day long, at a level on par with professional athletes. In fact, after the SEALs, he began focusing on his dream of making it to the US Olympic trials, in track and field.

A lack of awareness of the impact of high stored stress loads kept him from ever manifesting his dream.

Like many high performing athletes, he dealt with pain on a semi-consistent basis. Over time, that escalated to pain in every joint, in his feet, lower back, and neck. He was headed for a full-blown hip replacement, resorted to reading lips because his hearing was shot, and his vision wasn’t much better. He barely slept and spent his days like a zombie.

How could a person in peak condition be so unhealthy, and yet, so unaware, particularly when others saw him as a model of peak physical health?

Piled-up stress causes severe and traumatic damage over time—what Christopher calls Strauma, a combination of stress plus time that transforms into trauma.

Anyone who has been under complex stress loads or abuse has enough to cause serious emotional, energetic, and physical damage. Even if you have a tiny amount of stress every day, it eventually adds up and stunts your evolution.

Through intense pain, Christopher devoted all of his energy, time, and resources seeking out answers that would alleviate his discomfort. Eventually finding relief, Christopher applied the learned techniques and worked on himself 5 to 6 hours every day for 7 years. He put every biological system that was out of balance back in balance.

This process led to a deep understanding of what it takes for the body, mind, energy, and emotions to perform optimally.

Christopher went on to study at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and Yo San University where he learned Traditional Chinese Medical Practices and an equal amount of Western science and pathology. He has spent the last decade studying at The Universal Healing Tao System and is a Master student of Grand Master Mantak Chia at the Universal Tao Master School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is currently pursuing his masters and doctoral degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

From his own relentless search to evolve and heal himself, he now innately understands the correlation between the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a being.

His knowledge and experience led him to develop a comprehensive system of total physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and integration: the True Body Intelligence technology.

You won’t find much online about Christopher, as his clients built his practice through word of mouth. With his help, his clients have succeeded at the highest levels in sports, entertainment, business, medicine, and international politics.

Christopher’s practice is located in Los Angeles, CA. He is an author, inventor, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and innovator in the fields of health, wellness, and longevity.

True Body Intelligence Tools

Bestercise - True Body Intelligence

Bio-Energetic Self Transformational Sequences (B.E.S.T.S): best known as “BESTercise”. The most effective exercise-based form of self-integration and self-improvement on the planet.

This system empowers you by providing effective tools to manage as well as transform your Daily and Lifetime Accumulated Stress Loads.

The Genius of B.E.S.T.S is that you are free to transform your own life, independent of outside assistance. B.E.S.T.S. helps break the old paradigm of dependency/co-dependency between student and teacher, which allows you to build an interdependent relationship with your Stress Free Facilitator/Coach.

Using this tool to resolve your unresolved stress gives you the ability to feel amazing, free, loved, peaceful, grounded, clear and present every single day.

This is why we say Bestercise is the B.E.S.T.S. form of exercise.

Body Of Light - True Body Intelligence

A verbal, energetic, transmutation process that allows the body, brain, and nervous system to locate, transmute and discharge negative generational stress, tension and distortion inducing patterns that are held within the conscious mind, unconscious breath and subconscious body.

This process allows the brain and nervous system to recognize and establish new, positive patterns of feeling, sensing, emoting, breathing, and perceiving.

This process leaves you feeling free, present, available and confident in your ability to express yourself authentically from a place of solidity, meaning feeling solid in yourself.

ICE-Centric Strength - True Body Intelligence

An advanced and dynamic system of movement that uses counter-forces to strengthen, recruit and lengthen structural tissues.

ICE-centric Strength transforms the excessive amounts of stress, tension and distortion that are being held deep within the structural body into a balanced, intelligent expression of form and leaves you feeling aligned, present, strong, comfortable, capable, and confident in your body, as well as in your environment.

Ma Xing - True Body Intelligence

A touch-based system akin to barefoot Shiatsu massage, and uses Chinese Meridian Theory to identify patterns of weakness, stress, tension and distortion. Ma Xing disperses stress from the nervous system, tension from the structural tissues, blockages from the Meridians, and toxicity from the cells.

This system increases tissue health and structural health while leaving you with an over sense of lightness, serenity, interconnectedness, and increased Wellbeing.

Sha King - True Body Intelligence

“The King Medicine”- Directly addresses complex stress patterns by improving subtle energetic health by shaking (“sha-king”) the entire body in random, non-specific movements that are out of syncopation.

This process is designed to allow you to access and amplify the subtle energy fields, so that your rigid patterns of movement and posture can begin to soften and explore new ways of holding and moving through the world.

Sha-King is the simplest way to resolve your daily accumulated stress load and overtime will help you to diminish the negative effects of dealing with a lifetime of stress, in the privacy of your own home.