Stress-Free Starter Pack

The stress-free starter pack contains 6 free gifts from Christopher Maher to give you a taste of what True Body Intelligence can do for you.

BESTercise video

BESTercise video

Bio-Energetic Self Transformational Sequences (B.E.S.T.S): best known as "BESTercise". The most effective exercise-based form of self-integration and self-improvement on the planet. This system empowers you by providing effective tools to manage as well as transform your Daily and Lifetime Accumulated Stress Loads. The Genius of B.E.S.T.S is that you are free to transform your own life, independent of outside assistance. B.E.S.T.S. helps break the old paradigm of dependency/co-dependency between student and teacher, which allows you to build an interdependent relationship with your Stress Free Facilitator/Coach. Using this tool to resolve your unresolved stress gives you the ability to feel amazing, free, loved, peaceful, grounded, clear and present every single day. This is why we say Bestercise is the B.E.S.T.S. form of exercise.

8 Stepping Stones to Inner Freedom - Stress-Free Starter Pack

Module 1 of 8 Stepping Stones to Inner Freedom

This is an 8-module Audio Course that you can experience at your own pace, from the comfort of home or anywhere it's convenient. This program is designed to help you downshift out of struggle, strife, and suffering and upgrade into the life that was meant for you, through the perpetual experience of ease, grace, love, and gratitude that leads to effortless manifestation.

Stress-Free Starter Pack - Free For Life

Chapter 1 of Free For Life audiobook

Christopher's remarkable personal journey led him to this powerful alternative to standardized solutions. If you or someone you love is stuck and suffering from the effects of unresolved physical, emotional, energetic or mental distress, reading Free for Life can be the first hopeful step towards bringing your entire life into a state of wholeness, perpetual freedom, and happiness.

The Freedom Song - stress-free starter pack

The Freedom Song from his Heart and Soul album

This album is a pure passion project 20 years in the making that came together exactly as beautifully as Source intended. At a time when the world needs healing more than ever comes an anthology that grounds the listener in peace and curative calm.

"This music is a compilation of my successes and my challenges, my inspirations and my love, and my passion for sharing the full breadth and depth of human emotion," Christopher Lee Maher says about his work.

What you may not realize as you listen is that beneath the surface of the music is high vibrations that can be radically transformative. High vibrational music has been proven to decrease stress and increase energy. The experience of people listening to Maher's artistic work confirms that this is like no other album you've ever listened to in your life.

On a subconscious and an unconscious level, listening can dismantle and break through the deep, entrenched fear your body is holding onto, just as Maher's was for so many years.


Why Unresolved Stress is the Enemy of Your Potential Report

Why Unresolved Stress is the Enemy of Your Potential, a report created by True Body Intelligence, will teach you about the physical, mental, emotional and energetic challenges stress creates, the different causes of stress, and the ways to lighten the load of unresolved stress in your life.

Pandemic Stress Quiz

True Body Intelligence designed the Pandemic Stress Quiz to help you gain the tools to reduce your stress level caused by and related to the pandemic.

Within just a few minutes, you'll be able to:

  • Hone in on your unique stress triggers
  • Gauge and track your stress level
  • Identify how you've been numbing your anxiety and fears

You'll also receive our free Pandemic Rx report: 10 Tips to Resolve Pandemic Stress to help you fight the mental, physical, and emotional toll stress takes on you each day.

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