Is Stress Killing You?


It could be the root of all of your problems and you might not even realize it.



Upset stomach

Muscle tension

Changes in appetite

Teeth grinding

Changes in libido


Irritability or anger

Difficulty falling asleep or restless sleep

Feeling nervous or as though you could cry

If you live with one or more of those symptoms, you could be one of the 77% of Americans who regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress.

Many of us view stress as an everyday, unavoidable part of life. But it doesn’t have to be.

Why Unresolved Stress is the Enemy of Your Potential, a report created by True Body Intelligence, will teach you about the physical, mental, emotional and energetic challenges stress creates, the different causes of stress, and the ways to lighten the load of unresolved stress in your life.

In fact, we’re even going to give you a simple exercise that you can do in just minutes, no matter your skill level or range of motion. If done properly, it will help remove tension from your upper shoulder and back, work toward increasing the function and health of your large intestine, and leave you less stressed and feeling a lot better.

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