World Congress of Traditional and Alternative Medicine

Rome, Italy
JUNE 14-16


Examining patient education as a solution for unresolved stress loads and their impact on developing medical models that influence patient and practitioner relationships. 


Every symptom and every cause is an expression of unresolved stress. Due to the current pace of society and the extensive complex societal stress loads worldwide, Traditional Medicine, and her many forms, have been forced to acquiesce the foundational root-based principles, that made Traditional Medicine potent and effective, in favor of the Westernized model of medicine which is system and symptom-focused.  This acquiescence has resulted in a new species of medicine called “Naturalized Medicine” - which acts as a bridge between Traditional and Westernized Medicine by shifting the focus from cause to symptom.

Humans want immediate relief from the expression of their symptoms without ever having to consider the impact that their daily complex stressors and/or their lifetime accumulated stress loads are having on their health and well-being.

An amplified focus in the Traditional Medicine community must be on patient educational platforms.  “Knowledge is power” is now being amended to “applied knowledge is power.”  This implies that, in order to empower individual patients, we must educate them first.  And to affect global change, educating patients must be at the forefront of our focus.  This will help to break the Westernized medical model of dependency between patients and practitioners which limits the Traditional Medicine community’s ability to establish an interdependent relationship between patient and practitioner.

High-stress states narrow perception and influence choice.  Low-stress states widen perception and influence choice.  One of the future focuses of Traditional Medicine will have to be on dispersing the lifetime-accumulated stress loads that are amplifying the effects of daily stress.  A de-stressed, wellness-focused, educated patient inspires others towards change. 


Christopher Lee Maher is a self-taught innovator in the alternative healing arts.  For more than 18 years his sole focus has been on creating systems to relieve and transform the levels of complex stress that interfere with normal biological, energetic, psychological and emotional function.  He is a published author, Free for Life.  He is also the founder of True Body Intelligence, LLC, a company focused on building educational platforms to help individuals seeking to elevate wellbeing and increase human potential through dismantling inappropriate stress states.