Heart and Soul

This album is a pure passion project 20 years in the making that came together exactly as beautifully as Source intended. At a time when the world needs healing more than ever comes an anthology that grounds the listener in peace and curative calm. “This music is a compilation of my successes and my challenges, my inspirations and my love, and my passion for sharing the full breadth and depth of human emotion,” Christopher Lee Maher says about his work.

What you may not realize as you listen is that beneath the surface of the music is high vibrations that can be radically transformative. High vibrational music has been proven to decrease stress and increase energy. The experience of people listening to Maher’s artistic work confirms that this is like no other album you’ve ever listened to in your life. On a subconscious and an unconscious level, listening can dismantle and break through the deep, entrenched fear your body is holding onto, just as Maher’s was for so many years.


By Candlelight

Good Morning



She Rides the Waves

Skippy Dee Dip Dip

I Want Your Love

You Say

Heart and Soul Album Cover

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