Rational Intimate Transfiguration


What is it that is stopping you from the life you want?

Chances are, it has eluded you for years – or even decades!

You’re successful, accomplished, and outwardly enviable. If anyone could figure it out alone, it would be you.

And yet, here you are.

What you lack is a fruitful investigation into what limits you.

This investigation – along with the tools and strategies to create a pattern interrupt to reach your full, unimaginable potential – is hard to come by.

Rational Intimate Transfiguration was built to serve high-performers with a generosity of spirit whose highest value is freedom.

It has been tested, tried and true, on top names across industries.

And now, this opportunity is available to you.

This is the most effective, most authentic program on the planet for reaching your extraordinary, unimaginable life through total, true transformation.

Ready to begin?

Your Rational Intimate Transfiguration timeline:


First, you will read Christopher Lee Maher’s book, Free for Life: A Navy SEAL’s Path to Inner Freedom and Outer Peace. By reading the compelling story of Christopher’s remarkable personal journey, you’ll get a taste for the path that you will take, including the powerful systems Christopher uses to create instantaneous, permanent change. The purpose for reading the book is to have a common language once we begin to communicate.


Next, you’ll take part in an investigation call or two to determine if your needs can be met by this program and to prescribe your unique plan.


Then, if you decide that this is the right path for you, you will schedule and pay for your 5-day Intensive.


And finally, you will complete 8 Stepping Stones to Inner Freedom. These are the first 8 steps to breaking free from the struggle, strife, and suffering and step into the perpetual ease, grace, love, and gratitude that will set you on your path to transfiguration.

5-Day Intensive

Day 1: Your 1:1 in-person intensive with Christopher Lee Maher begins with investigation to get supreme clarity on why you are here and what one thing stands in the way of the life experience you really want. Christopher will personally coach, guide, and teach you while removing the tension, stress, and distortion that is irrelevant in your life experience.


Days 2-4: You’ll undergo a transmutative process with Christopher to become more present, gain more energy, and dismantle the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living in fear, choicelessness, and inauthenticity.


Day 5: On the final day, Christopher will teach you how to do the work yourself over the next 90 days as you return to your everyday life.

3-Month Rational Intimate Transfiguration Check-In Program

You’ll begin a 90-day program with Rational Intimate Transfiguration to work to remove tension, stress, and distortion that keep you from being fully present, preventing you from having the life you want.


You’ll spend less than 30 minutes each day practicing B.E.S.T. Bioenergetic Transformational Sequences to improve digestion, elimination, and sleep, as well as the Body of Light Transmutative Meditations custom energetic prescription that Christopher will create for you to sleep soundly in high-quality frequencies. You’ll wake up more present with access to higher forms of intelligence, a quiet mind, positive emotions, a grounded body, and abundant energy.

Beyond the First 3 Months of Rational Intimate Transfiguration

By the end of the program, you will have a secure footing to do what you really want in your life, you will know what is standing in your way, and you will have mastered the strategies and tools to continually live the life you want. You will then have a completion call with an opportunity to investigate if you want to go further and deeper.

The Rational Intimate Transfiguration program includes:

  • A 1:1 Intensive Retreat - 5 days to work in person with True Body Intelligence Founder, Christopher Lee Maher. You’ll work together to identify and remove the tension, stress, and distortion that is not serving you. You’ll also get to know the visionary program creator and access his wealth of knowledge. This exclusive experience is worth the price of the program alone!
  • 3-Month Check-In Program - After the 5-day Retreat is complete, you will begin your 85-day check-in process so that you stay tethered and can be supported emotionally, as you go through powerful changes.
  • Bonus: 8 Stepping Stones to Inner Freedom - Our Most Comprehensive Package. 6 months of access to the 8-module Audio Course that you can experience at your own pace from the comfort of home or anywhere it’s convenient. This program is designed to help you down-shift out of struggle, strife, and suffering and upgrade into the life that was meant for you through the perpetual experience of ease, grace, love, and gratitude that leads to effortless manifestation. (Value: $497)

When you finish the Rational Intimate Transfiguration Program, you will feel peaceful, happy, alive, focused, satisfied, and fulfilled in your authentic self. You’ll be living your extraordinary, unimaginable life through the process of effortless effort. And you will find yourself catapulted to the next level of success, eminence, and impact on the world around you.

First, read the book – Free for Life: A Navy SEAL’s Path to Inner Freedom and Outer Peace. Next, set up a free, 30-minute consultation to find out if Rational Intimate Transfiguration is right for you. Email the team at Assist.RIT@gmail.com to schedule your consultation today.