Free for Life

Why We Want to Be Honest With Ourselves and Others, Even When It Hurts

Honesty is necessary to personal growth. In fact, it is THE key ingredient that helps us to grow as people and form healthier relationships.

The Source of Your Stress Goes Back Generations—Here’s How to Break the Cycle

We all carry around stress accumulated during our lives, but the source of our stress actually extends further back—before our own conception.

How to Find True Happiness

Achievement as a Goal Is an Empty Experience—Here’s What Will Actually Bring You True Happiness

Learn the secret to finding true happiness and personal fulfillment that will fill you on a deep, spiritual level.

Navy SEALs service

My Navy SEAL Experience: Strengthened in Some Ways, Weakened in Others

Christopher Maher shares how his Navy SEAL experience strengthened him in some ways, while weakening him in others.

personal transformation

Getting Past the Hardest Part: How to Jumpstart Your Personal Transformation

Christopher Maher shares three steps you can take to jumpstart your personal transformation and start living the life you desire.

breathing for stress relief

Reduce Stress by Harnessing the Power of Your Breath

Learn how breathing for stress relief can help you to experience less anxiety and tension, and manage your pain.

talking about emotions

How Talking About Your Emotions Helps You Move Past Trauma

Christopher Maher explains why talking about emotions helps you to move past trauma and how he uses this verbal-based approach with clients.

overcome irrational fears

You Can Overcome Irrational Fears by Breaking the Stress Patterns That Keep You Trapped

The following is adapted from Free for Life. Humans evolved to feel stress to protect us from dangers in the…

how to find peace

Life After the SEALS: How I Turned My Intensity into Peace

Christopher Lee Maher shares why we push ourselves too far, and how to find peace, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Christopher Maher on the Author Hour

How I Unplugged From the Matrix: Christopher Maher on the Author Hour Podcast

Join Christopher Maher on the Author Hour, where he discusses his book, Free for Life: A Navy SEAL’s Path to Inner Freedom and Outer Peace.