Christopher Maher on That Sounds Terrific

In July 2023, Christopher joined Nick Koziol on the That Sounds Terrific Podcast!

In this episode, Nick Koziol and Christopher discuss how stress and tension in the body can cause what may seem to be unrelated issues.

Christopher shares how he battled joint pain that threatened to derail his life. He talks about clients that come to him with issues such as intense headaches, insomnia, oral, vision and hearing issues, and more.

Christopher also explains that a full investigation has to occur in order to find the trauma that causes stress in a person’s life before he can begin to help them resolve their issues and that most often, these traumas come from the clients’ parents.

He discusses the need to treat issues at the root of the problem as opposed to simply treating the symptoms. Christopher notes that you must treat the problem with allopathic medicine, such as massages and herbs, rather than traditional western medicine.

Learn about his journey from Navy SEAL to holistic healer, his innovative True Body Intelligence technology, and how it is impacting fields from sports to international politics when you listen to the interview here.

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If you want to learn more about the That Sounds Terrific Podcast and Nick Koziol, check out his website.

Christopher Lee Maher is a former Navy SEAL who endured intense amounts of physical, mental, and emotional stress as a child and during and after his military career. He has taught himself how to free his energy, body, mind and emotions from pain by developing the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being. Christopher studied Traditional Chinese Medical Practices at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and at Yo San University. He continued his studies at The Universal Healing Tao System. Christopher is a student of Grand Master Mantak Chia at the Universal Tao Master School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is currently pursuing his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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