Christopher Maher on The Eanna McNamara Podcast

In January 2023, Christopher Maher was interviewed by Eanna McNamara on The Eanna McNamara Podcast!

They spoke about:

– Chris and his background

– Living With A Lifetime Of Unresolved Stress

– The Signs & Physical Symptoms Of Unsolved Accumulated Stress

– Stress Management Vs. Stress Resolution

– Escaping The “Fight Or Flight” State Of Mind

– How Modern Day Sources Of Stress Differ From The Past & The New Tools Needed To Address Them

– How Symptoms Are Blocking Solutions: Zooming Out To See The Bigger Picture & The Root Causes of Stress

Watch Christopher Maher’s interview on The Eanna McNamara Podcast now!

Christopher Lee Maher is a former Navy SEAL who endured intense amounts of physical, mental, and emotional stress as a child and during and after his military career. He has taught himself how to free his energy, body, mind and emotions from pain by developing the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being. Christopher studied Traditional Chinese Medical Practices at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and at Yo San University, then continued his studies at The Universal Healing Tao System. He is a student of Grand Master Mantak Chia at the Universal Tao Master School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is currently pursuing his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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