stress relief

breathing for stress relief

Reduce Stress by Harnessing the Power of Your Breath

Learn how breathing for stress relief can help you to experience less anxiety and tension, and manage your pain.

talking about emotions

How Talking About Your Emotions Helps You Move Past Trauma

Christopher Maher explains why talking about emotions helps you to move past trauma and how he uses this verbal-based approach with clients.

overcome irrational fears

You Can Overcome Irrational Fears by Breaking the Stress Patterns That Keep You Trapped

The following is adapted from Free for Life. Humans evolved to feel stress to protect us from dangers in the…

system that quickly diminishes stress

The System that Quickly Diminishes Stress, Tension, and Distortion Where Other Systems Fail

Learn about the system that quickly diminishes stress by transforming all of the rotational relationships between bones, muscles, and joints.

stress and tension hold you back

What Stress & Tension Hold You Back From

Do you know what stress and tension hold you back from? Learn new tools to unravel the stress that runs counter to your true, pure nature.


Why Stress You Experience Today Matters – for the Rest of Your Life

Learn why the stress you experienced in the past and the stress you experience today matters for the rest of your life.